Mayor Ribbit

Hello. My name is Mayor Ribbit.
I live in Valley City, Ohio. I am having some great adventures.
Want to share them?

Chose an Adventure Below…

How I Became Mayor Ribbit

mayorsmlHere is the first of my adventures.





…One day I took a bath and got all squeaky clean.bath



Then I moved to Valley City. I was about to become the Mascot of july4the Chamber of Commerce! Excited? Oh, my, YESSS



My first outing was for the Independence Day Parade. The people made me feel really welcome.






Next I tried to compete in the Frog Jump. But I was disqualified ’cause I could not complete the entry form. You see, I did not yet have a name.



So the Chamber Directors helped me. They had a contest and asked people at the Frog Jump Festival to suggest names for me.




While waiting for my new name to be picked, I took a vacation. First came beach time along the Lake Erie shore …




… then watching boat traffic on the lake…



… then time to smell the flowers. Now I felt all relaxed.




mayor2Then one WONDERFUL DAY, I got my name.




My name is MAYOR Ribbit !



Over 200 people suggested names. I want to thank them all in person. But I could not make so many visits. So THANK YOU ALL.
Stephanie Roulet’s idea was Mayor Ribbit. She won the contest. I did visit her home to thank her for such a neat name. She lives in Valley City, too.

My First Halloween in Valley Cityhallofiretrk

I got to be in the Halloween Party put on by the Fire Department. Chief Berger let me ride to the Depot in a big Fire Truck. — WOW.



The crowd was soooo big. (Can you see me?)



And guess who got to lead the Parade? (me that’s who.  Was I ever lucky.)




They even let me go ’round with them while the awards were handed out.

Afterwards it was time for Trick or Treat. What a great evening. Thanks, Mr Fire Department, for everything. Hope everyone else had as much fun.

And guess who got to lead the Parade? (Me, that’s who. Was I ever lucky.)

July 4th Celebration



There is this really neat parade, see, with lots of fire trucks and sirens —










And really old cars —






And floats.







I got to High Five lots of kids —






And see the VFW Color Guard!



The Parade ended in Mill Stream Park, with prizes.
The old cars were peered at and judged.
People chatted.
After dark, there were lots of fireworks. The Firemen lit them off.
I like July 4th in Valley City.  It is lots of fun to celebrate Independence Day.

The Day I Made the News!

fox8I got to be on TV. Wow. Was that exciting!





Robin Swoboda asked me. A special Frog Jump 5 days before the Festival happened there. Robin won the trophy, hurray for Robin



Exploring the Festival


Then on Sunday, the day of the Festival, I was allowed to open the jumping contest. I hopped around the ring showing everyone the Grand Champion trophy.  The crowd was really excited. Then the jumping began.
All of a sudden I was hungry. So I ate some fresh corn. Still hungry so I had a sandwich. Mmmm, good.

corn (1)bkfst








I heard loud noises. Had to find out why.






There it was, a dunk tank, see, with lots of people having lots of fun. Mmmm, that cool water on a hot day musta felt gooood.






These boys seemed to like snakes painted all over them. And the girl liked frogs. I don’t know why.facepaint1













The bean bag toss looked like fun. Until I saw it from behind. Almost caught that bag right in my big eye.











cottoncandy (1)


‘Bout this time I was feeling warm. Passed up the cotton candy for a Boy Scout Snow Kone.  Coolin’, Dude, coolin’.



The Castle Bounce was Bouuuncing, Oh My, was it.



I feel all safe with Sheriff’s Deputies here. Do you?






What a neat log cabin! The Liverpool Bicentennial Committee made it.This playhouse will be auctioned off at the Fireman’s Street Fair. I like Firemen, do you?




Firemen were here, too. This is Engine 11, new just last year. I got to look around inside.




One man was first to register. He slept in his van at the gate from 3 until 7 in the morning. A woman was second, she drove from Mogodore all by herself. Again this year.




This boy is filling out his registration slip.







The Registration Table was busy







Flight numbers were assigned





Officials announced happenings …


.. and kept tally on who jumped how far.jmpstarts



Frogs were really jumping in the ring

The Great Rocky River Frog Race

The Great Rocky River Frog Race just began. Floating frogs were let go. Whether they float up or downstream depended on the wind and the current.rr1





These floated downstream. Number 4 is the winner.






I saw people throwing hula hoops. They tried to throw them over one of the floating frogs.








Lots of hula hoops seemed instead to end up over this nice man. I don’t know why.  Some people thought his hat looked funny. I don’t know why. I liked it.



Then I went up to the Bumblebee Tent. I call it that because it is yellow and black. I like bumblebees, yumm.

The Valley City Post Office had a special Festival cancellation mark just for this day. Lots of people mailed letters with it on them.

The food was Delicious!

Great cooks were cooking great food …


Volunteers were preparing plates of food …


… of different kinds





… it was going fast because …






… visitors were gobbling it up.





But fifood3nally my tummy got full and very happy.







Before I left the Food Tent area I enjoyed the oldies and country music being played by DJ Ray.




Some folks enjoyed the music and talking with friends over a cooling beer.





On my way back towards the Jumping Ring I looked over the new Tee Shirts. Really like that frog. It was designed by Kristina Ousley of the Medina County Career Center. She won the competition to create this years Tee.





Soul mates?
Wonder how many Tees are in the bag?






I saw the Bookmobile from Medina County District Library. That is where people made these neat frog hats and learned about books.






Here the man gets ‘checked out’ by his daughter at the Valley City Rescue Squad. The Squad is there all day in case people need help.







Lots of larnin’ about us Frogs goes on here, all day long.





First lesson is, we can be slippery; jump right out of your hands.





greenfrog (1)
Green Frog. Note the ridge running behind the eye, about two thirds of the way towards the legs. Smaller than Bull Frog.



Bull Frog. No ridge. Most jumpers are these.




Wow! The Chief Naturalist of the Medina County Park District was here. He had two of my friends, a hard-to-find Wood Frog and a Spring Peeper, for people to see. And a recording of different Frog sounds brought lots of people to listen and look.mcparkdist

Some Great Jumping

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